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ODTSEA Constitution

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be Oregon Driver Traffic Safety Education Association.

Article II – Purpose and Objectives

Purpose:  This Association shall be formed to promote professional development for traffic safety Educators in Oregon, and to assist Driver Education providers in implementing best practices in traffic safety education.

The objectives of the Association shall be:

1. To promote quality traffic safety education in the State of Oregon.

2. To pursue increased certification opportunities for Driver Education providers.

3. To encourage the development of driver education as a course with credit.

4. To encourage high educational and professional standards for all driver education providers.

5. To cooperate and affiliate with the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

6. To work closely with the Oregon Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Division.

7. To exchange ideas and promote good will among traffic safety education providers throughout the state and nation.

8. To uphold the standards, objectives and aims of Division 15 OARS and the National Standards

Article III – Membership

Section I:      Active members: Any persons engaged in driver and/or traffic safety education/training. The privilege of holding office and voting shall be restricted to active members, who are certified and currently delivering an ODOT approved DE Program.

Section II:      Associate members:    All other persons interested in driver and/or traffic safety education/training or related activities.

Section III:       Organization members:   Other interested organizations may be sustaining members.

Section IV:      Corporate members:      Interested private businesses may be corporate members.

Article IV – Officers and Elections

Section I:       The elected officers of the Association shall be a President, First Vice-President and Second Vice-President. All elected officers must be a current provider of traffic safety education from an ODOT TSD approved provider.

Section II:   The term of office of elected officers shall be for one year, November1 to November 1, but any elected officer may be re-elected for one additional year. The election and installation will be held at the regular annual meeting of the Association.

Section III:      The First Vice President shall also be President-elect and shall succeed to the Presidency when that office becomes vacant.  Nominations for Second Vice-President shall be made from the floor. Voting shall be by ballot.

Section IV:     In the event an officer should be unable to complete his/her term, that office shall be considered vacant and shall be filled by elevating the officers below the vacant office. The 1st VP moves up to be the interim President until the end of that term and then    serves their full year as well. In that scenario, the 2nd VP moves up to interim 1st VP and then fulfills the rest of their service as usual. There would be no 2nd VP elected until the usual election.

Section V:     The duties of the officers shall be those usually pertaining to the respective offices as described in the job descriptions. The officers shall perform the duties as listed in the job descriptions developed and maintained by the Executive Committee.

Section VI:    The executive committee shall be composed of the elected officers, the immediate President, Past-President, Historian, Event Planner Legislative Liaison and the Secretary.

Section VII:    A secretary/treasurer and secretary shall be appointed by the Executive Committee for a one-year term: the appointed may serve more than one term, but a performance evaluation shall be made annually by the Executive Committee prior to reappointment of the same individual as secretary/treasurer. The Event Coordinator is not a voting member.

Article V – Bylaws

Details regarding the organization and activities of the association shall be regulated by the bylaws. The bylaws may be amended (1) at the official business meeting of the association by a majority of the active members present; or (2) by a mail or electronic mail vote of a majority of the active members at least 60 days before the date of the official business meeting of the taking of the mail ballot.

Article VI – Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of this association, subject to the constitution and special rules which have been or may be adopted.

Article VII – Amendments

Amendments to the constitution shall be presented to the association at the annual meeting, and in writing, sponsored by two or more members of this association. A two-thirds vote of the active members present shall be necessary to amend this constitution.

Article VIII – Ratification

This constitution shall be in effect when ratified by two-thirds of the members of the Oregon Driver Traffic Safety Education Association present at the next regular meeting called by the officers as previously agreed upon by the members of this association.

Article IX – Dissolution

The association shall be dissolved only upon the vote of the two-thirds (2/3) of the membership, upon one year’s notice. In the event of dissolution, any and all assets of the association shall be donated to ADTSEA. None of the assets of the association shall revert to the individuals of organizations comprising its membership, nor shall any donor be given preferred consideration in the disposition of the assets.